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想找新工作不知該如何下手嗎? 快來學學這些實用的建議! 幫助你更快速找到想中的工作!





I’d look around my area and pick three to four companies I’d love to work for, but not just ones that are advertising jobs. In fact, if one of them has no jobs posted, all the better — there’s less competition, or none at all.



I’d sit down and figure out who works there, who does business with the company, and who its vendors, customers, lawyers, consultants, landlords and contractors are.



I’d work backwards: Before looking for jobs, I’d look for referrals to the company. If you try this, research all the people and companies we identified in step two. Make it your goal to contact as many as you can — not to ask for a job, but to get advice and insight about each company. What problems and challenges are they facing? What kind of help do they need?




When you reach these people, talk shop. Don’t ask for a job lead. Instead, have intelligent questions to ask about their work.


Ask questions about their work, after you indicate that you do the same kind of work. Establish common ground. Don’t ask about jobs; ask about what kind of help they need, and home in on the areas where you could help.



Start making friends. Some people will be helpful, some won’t. If you make no investment, you’ll get no returns.


The productive contacts will be people who enjoy talking with you; the ones you will have several exchanges with in the next few weeks. Now you’re making friends, gaining insight, getting advice, and potentially developing referrals to the managers who run the teams you want to work for.






Avoid human resources departments like the plague. They’re the gate keepers, but they don’t make the decisions once a hiring manager is in contact with a job candidate. Your mission is to get to the manager before HR knows you’re “in the building.” Make sure you get it right — identify yourself as a candidate to the manager so the manager can make a decision about you without HR in the picture.



Keep in mind that this takes time, but the best referrals come from people who have gotten to know you. Let’s say you work in marketing and you’ve gotten to know a marketer who works in your target company.



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