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電話留言篇 (Telephone Message)



Claire: Hello, finance department
Female: Hello, can I speak to (1) Adrian Hopwood, please?
Claire: I’m afraid he’s in a meeting (2) at the moment. Can I help? (3)
Female: No I need to talk to Mr Hopwood, I think. What time will he be out of the meeting?
Claire: In about an hour. Can you call back later? (4)
Female: Okay, I’ll do that.
Claire: Or can I take a message? (5)
Female: Actually, would you mind? Could you tell him that (6) Jennifer McAndrews called and that I’m in the office all day if he could call me back.
Claire: Can I take your number (7), please?
Female: Yes, it’s 5556872.
  1. Okay, I’ll make sure he gets the message. (8)
Female: Thanks very much for your help, bye!
Claire: Goodbye!  




Useful Phrases 實用片語

1.Can I speak to …, please?  請問…在嗎?

2.I’m afraid he’s in a meeting  很抱歉,他現在會議中。

3.Can I help?   有什麼可以為你效勞的

4.Can you call back later?  你可以晚點再撥嗎

5.Can I take a message?  可以幫你留言嗎

6.Could you tell him that…  請幫我告訴他…

7.Can I take your number, please?  請問你的電話號碼是?

8.OK, I’ll make sure he gets the message  好的,我會將訊息知會給他





會議篇 (Meeting)




Clip 1 <第一段>
Sarah: Right then, Alex, let’s get down to business. (1) On the agenda today (2) for our public relations meeting are the research project, the launch of the website, the timeline for press releases, and the executary of the year award. Are you quite happy with those points?
Alex: Yeah, that’s fine. If you could go through them in order (3), that’d be great.
Clip 2 <第二段>
Alex: OK everybody, thanks for coming. (4) Let’s keep this meeting fairly brief, (5) really just a couple of things on the agenda.(6) First of all, (7) as you can see, the news on the book re-launch; and secondly (8), the office move; and finally(9), we’ll have a little bit of time for any other business(10).



  1. Right then… let’s get down to business 那麼,讓我們言歸正傳
  2. On the agenda today 今天的議程是……
  3. If we could go through them in order 我們可以按照順序討論
  4. OK everybody, thanks for coming 謝謝大家前來
  5. Let’s keep this meeting fairly brief 讓我們簡短的完成會議
  6. Just a couple of things on the agenda 只是要討論議程上的一些部分
  7. First of all 第一點
  8. Secondly 第二點
  9. And finally 最後
  10. Any other business 其他的營業項目






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