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【線上學英文】英文字母A-Z 可以這樣用?

當你的人生因遇到重重困難無法克服, 而感覺生命杳無希望, 還可能受到外在物質世俗誘惑干擾時, 你該怎麼辦呢?

A-accept challenge 接受挑戰
B-believe in ourselves 相信自已
C- convert our thoughts into to hope 轉化信念為希望
D-determine to get over our hopes and dreams 堅決實現希望和夢想
E- expect some obstacles on the way up 預期路上會出現的困難
F- fight while we’re faithful and finish the course 抱持信念奮鬥 不放棄
G- get God on our side 讓…站在你這邊
H-have a Harvey model of leadership 以身作則
I-inspire someone else 鼓舞別人
J-take Jesus on our journey 將…謹記在心
K-keep on keeping on 持續著不停滯
L-be a leader 當一位領導者
M-make everyday count 過好每一天
N-never give up 永不放棄
O-overcome our obstacles 克服困難
P-put our best foot forward 全力以赴
Q-quit quitting 戒除輕易放棄的習慣
R-run the race with patience 用耐心來跑這場人生的比賽
S-strive on 努力不懈
T-trusting in The Lord 信任全能的主
U-use our talents 運用長才
V-value our time 珍惜時間
W-wait for understanding 等待伯樂
X-x-ray our own lifestyles 檢視生活方式
Y-yearn to achieve all that we seek 盡力達成目標
Z-be zealous when reaching the top! 到頂端時仍充滿熱情



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